Text/Graphic Banner Advertising

With Ad-Blocking Countermeasures and
an associated text link that will not get blocked


banner advertising at
per-annum rates

Banner Advertising that Really Works

Banner advertising is less popular today because many banners get blocked by ad-blocking software and banners lack the keyword advantages of text links. But Synergise have put new life into banner ads with low annual rates, ad-blocking countermeasures and by offering associated text links. Read on to find out more about our innovative solutions.

Firstly consider all the advantages of advertising your travel business on this site:

  • Choose your page for a banner that lasts an entire year

  • Counter ad blocking software by adjusting the dimensions of your banner by ± 3 px to make them non-standard - and therefore unlikely to be blocked

Graphic banner ads are accepted as follows:

  • Standard (468 x 60 px)

  • Medium (120 x 60 px)

      all dimensions ±3 px - to make them non-standard.

‘Banner Implant’ - to counter ad-blocking

We have come up with a great new way to make it easier for you to just give us a standard 468 x 60 banner and still reduce the ad-blocking danger. We will 'implant' your STATIC banner into a 471 x 73 graphic area. In effect there will be a blank surround to your banner. This means that ad-blocking software does not see it as the standard banner size and should therefore not block it unless the user specifically adjusts the sizes or website URLs to force this blocking. The following is an example - but we can only do this with static banners that don't use too many colours.

Your associated text link goes here

If you want this option ask us for a 'Standard Banner Implant'. It's FREE - but we can only do this with a static banner.

Please contact us with any queries or for our rate card