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book advertising should be an author's primary aim after publication - so why leave it to the publisher alone?

Cost-effective book advertising is a reality with this unique opportunity that enables you to market novels, self-help or travel book alongside bestsellers for guaranteed online exposure within the 'Departure Lounge Bookshop' of our popular travel site. Our bookshelf appears on all our travel pages and people buy on impulse - just as they do in the airport or train station bookshop. This is subliminal book advertising! Put the title in view and you could sell - but if it's never seen you'll NEVER sell! That's why we promise to only advertise and sell a small number of titles - to make sure you go on being seen. That way your cheap annual fee is a great way to ensure visibility - unlike big book sites where your title will inevitably remain hidden from sight. Our huge discounts to authors makes it viable for them to directly control their own additional advertising.

Read on to find out more - and to see a sample of our bookshelf at the bottom of this page! This always includes one bestseller to draw the eye. Your adjacent book - and its sales page - is then only a click away! The bestseller's position is random, and the books on each shelf are randomly stacked to increase the chances of your book being seen. An since the average visitor reads around 10 pages or more, there is a great chance your title will appear during a single visit.

People visit this site with travel and vacations in mind. They are subconsciously thinking of relaxing. For readers, vacations are very much synonymous with a good book, and many avid readers buy a book to keep ready for relaxing reading while on vacation. So books and travel go very much hand-in-hand. Hence the bookshops at all travel terminals. Our Departure Lounge Bookshop is the online equivalent of this.

When a reader finishes reading one of our travel articles they see a bookshelf. Because they have reached the end of the page they are suggestive of where to go next on the Internet, so it might as well be to the sales page for your book! The bestseller on the shelf is likely to be familiar so it will draw their eye. Once drawn it will skim the other titles alongside this bestseller - giving them more than average interest in case these are also bestsellers. Then they see your book. Plus the true message they should check it out then and there since the bookshelf content varies each time a page is visited. The rest, of course, is up to you. We offer you a good size cover image, the chance of offering a short sales pitch and the button(s) that will lead to sales. But your words need to make them click!

We are offering you a unique and psychologically sound book advertising technique and our 500 title limit is your promise that your book can never become buried. As you will see on the supporting page for either Publisher or Author below, all book sponsors have proof of our title limit guarantee and can check their title is available from the site from any page displaying the bookshelf. This is the ideal way to market novels in a way that will be seen!

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The River
Gary Paulsen
Two years earlier, Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for 54 days with nothing but a small hatchet. Yet he survived. Now the government wants him to do it again so the military can learn the survival techniques. But it all goes wrong again!

book cover image

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Mark Haddon
A murder mystery - told by an autistic version of Adrian Mole! 15-year-old Christopher John Francis Boone is mathematically gifted but socially hopeless, taking everything at face value. He resolves to discover who has murdered Wellington the dog.
book cover image

False Memory
Dean Koontz
It's a fear more paralyzing than falling. More terrifying than absolute darkness. More horrifying than anything you can imagine. It's the one fear you cannot escape, no matter where you hide. It's the fear of yourself. It's real. It can happen to you. And facing it can be deadly.

book cover image

Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
Stephen Greenblatt
A young man without wealth, connections, or university education moves to London. In a remarkably short time he becomes the greatest playwright not just of his age but of all time. He recklessly mingles vulgar clowning and philosophical subtlety. How is such an achievement to be explained?
book cover image

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