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Book Promoters’ Information Page

This page is only for use by those promoting a book through our 'Departure Lounge Bookshop'.

We trust the combination of guaranteed exposure through our site, our book stock limits, and the selling tactics of your book's sell paragraph will lead to many sales over the year.

This page has a dual purpose. Firstly it allows you to print it and then write in important data you may require again - information that could give you a discount if you renew your book display. Secondly, it tells you how to check that your book is currently displayed.

Please read the following information carefully so you know how your book is displayed and how to check that it is currently available. We are often asked questions that are answered on this page.

Record of important book data

Please print this page and then enter important data into the table below by hand for future reference in a year's time when your book display becomes due for renewal.

Book Title:




Synergise Order ID:


Display Expiry Date:


Book ID:


How we guarantee exposure of your book

Because you will already be only too aware of how a book can become buried in an online bookshop that covers thousands - perhaps hundreds-of-thousands - of books, we promise NEVER to list more than 100 client books mixed with our list of bestsellers for the duration of your current promotion. (Of course, a client book may also be a bestseller!) These limits ensure you get good exposure, for as the average visitor sees 10 pages, each showing one book from our own bestseller list and three client books, they typically see 10 x 3 = 30 client books from a maximum of 100. That's about a 1 in 3 chance, given that far less books than this are normally listed at once. That's how we can claim guaranteed exposure.

How to check your book is currently listed for display

Your book will be randomly promoted across all the travel pages of this site that contain a bookshelf. But that does not make it easy for you to check it's there! That's why knowing your 'Book ID' allows you to force pages displaying the bookshelf to include your book as a check it can appear there: provided it is enabled for display. (It might be disabled if payment is awaited or overdue.) This ID will be a number between 1 and 100. (These IDs are re-used when books expire but are retained for your book if you renew in time.)

To check your book is available for display, simply add the following (query string) as a suffix to the address of the page already being displayed: '?bid=#', where you replace the hash (#) by your own Book ID number. Your book should then be included on the shelf.

Check your Synergise book display from time to time

Where we can we use one of your chosen online bookseller sources from which to derive the cover picture directly rather than store it ourselves. That way it will automatically reflect any change of cover shown there. If at any time the picture is missing on the Synergise site, please tell us about it at once so we can use an alternative source. Please remember the cover picture is only representative, however, and publishers sometimes use different pictures in different countries. We can only show one of them! If you find the cover picture missing in any of the bookseller pages to which we link, we urge you to contact your publisher and ask them to ensure the cover picture is supplied to the bookseller; it is your publisher's responsibility to ensure your book is properly promoted. Make no mistake, the presence of the cover picture in an online bookshop does help to sell the book.

Sometimes we are forced to use an image of your cover copied from the sales source at the time of inclusion. If the cover changes then please tell us about it so we can change the image.

How to change the random bookshelf display

You should be aware that your browser has a 'cache' that speeds up loading of pages already seen. So while the selection of books displayed on the bookshelf of any of our pages changes each time you visit the page, if your browser delivers the page from cache - because you have recently opened that page - you may not be aware of this. You can control this by changing the default settings. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options, and then select the 'Settings' button within the 'Temporary internet files' field on the page displayed with the 'General' tab. Set this to 'Every visit to page' to ensure it no longer relies on the cache copy. With this set-up, holding SHIFT while you click on the browser 'Refresh' button should normally force the page to be reloaded - and you will then see the effect of different books being stacked on the shelf for any given page. This is your proof that your book can appear on any bookshelf page. When and where it appears, however, when the page address does not include a query string is down to chance.

Another way is to start at Ed's Index and then keep working through different pages with the yellow right-arrow; because the browser sees completely different pages it produces a new random display each time - until they repeat and you may then get an old cached image. From time to time you will see your book displayed. It will appear, in due course, on every bookshelf page.

How to renew your promotion - and get a discount

We will remind you when your book is due for expiry about 7-10 days before this happens. But if you wish to renew and save us some administration by renewing 14 days or more prior to the expiry date, then you can deduct a self-renewal discount of 10% from the current prices for Author or Publisher, as appropriate. Check the latest prices first.

To renew your display, simply open the the payment form and enter data as shown below. (Please note that this can only be used to renew an individual book. If you have several books to renew, or have any problems with the form, please contact us with your requirements first - better than 14 days before expiry if you want a self-renewal discount!)

Order ID:

Enter your given Order ID followed by 'R', retaining the originating date that is a permanent part of the Order ID
(eg james-holland-04jul2005R).
This enables us to get back to the original information you supplied - by date.

Total Amount (GBP):

Enter calculated amount less 10% (if within 14 days prior to expiry) - else enter calculated amount.

Thank you for your renewal. We look forward to helping you to sell even more books.

Danielle Steel
The conflict between the old world and the new... responsibility and freedom... duty and love... Princess Christianna leaves university to travel to East Africa as a volunteer for the Red Cross. But as the pressures of her royal life beckon her home, her struggle for freedom takes an extraordinary turn. Christianna's life is changed for ever - in ways she could never have foreseen.

book cover image

A Writer's World: Travels 1950-2000
Jan Morris
Some of the author's finest articles are brought together here. Age might now restrict her travels, but her memories of travel are a delight. Her wonderful descriptions evoke the spirit of so many places. For example, Delhi is: the capital of the losing streak, the metropolis of the crossed wire, the missing appointment, the puncture, the wrong number.

book cover image

The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd
Ian Kingsley

A killer to unmask, a feisty young television reporter, and a high-risk strategy. These are the ingredients of a mystery thriller with the character depth of contemporary fiction.
"Exceptionally entertaining." -BookViral.
"A powerful compelling read that's hard to put down." -Midwest Book Review.

book cover image

Ian Kingsley
A gripping psychological thriller with characters that reach out and grab you. Sandman touches our primary emotions: jealousy, love, fear, hatred, and grief. The dialogue is authentic, and, along with the scene-painting narrative, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach witnessing the unfolding action.

book cover image

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