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Click for further details This unique Synergise tool for both established and aspiring writers helps you create realistic characters via an intuitive, graphical interface. This leads down to 32 widely accepted character types used by psychologists. So unlike many books on characterisation, every human personality is here — and the tool makes it quick and easy to move between them and to derive perfect character types for given plot requirements! You can even construct personality maps for all your characters to help you gain a better understanding of them and their likely reactions under different circumstances.

Characters leads to plot and P4 leads to great characterisation. Great characterisation leads to author success!

Discount offer for writers' groups.

Check out P4 now for insight... and FUN!

"P4 is an exciting and innovative method of assessing personality types through a unique character mapping diagram. This excellent resource and tool can be used to understand the many and varied behaviour traits that make up our human race. In support, the Tutor provides a set of user-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorials with quick reference links that allow easy access between each lesson. This approach to character evaluation, sometimes using well-known, world stage figures as examples, is both enlightening and fun, leaving students eager to put P4 methods into practice.

"Once studied, P4 will remain permanently imprinted on the user’s mind as a useful and fascinating concept."

Maureen Wright, Chairperson, Wellrites Creative Writing Group, Welling, UK

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A Reality Check for Authors

It you are an undiscovered author then you are clearly highly optimistic. Why else would you put in a year ore more of your time writing an entire book in the knowledge the chances of you finding a traditional publisher who will actually consider it are remote? You will also know that interesting a literary agent is almost as difficult. No wonder so many authors now find the best solution after all that work is to self-publish. But wait. Reality Check. How will potential readers get to hear about your book?

If you've been lucky enough to get your book published by a mainstream publisher then you might think you only have to sit back and wait for the book to sell and the money to pour it. But wait. Reality Check. Unless you are already well known - a celebrity or an already successful author - the publisher is not likely to allocate much of a publicity budget - if anything! Get this. They expect YOU to sell it for them. (Things ain't what they used to be.)

If you have self-published and your book is on Amazon, you might then imagine you can sit back and wait for the book to sell and the money pour it. But wait. Reality Check. Amazon sell over 30 million books. Over 20 million of those are paperbacks and over 1 million are Kindle. Do you think your book will be found if someone isn't actually looking for it - or your name? Reality Check. They aren't.

So how can an author be noticed?

A press release is a good way to get the word out there. But if you try to do this yourself you will fail miserably because you don't know where to send it, won't send out nearly enough, won't reach the right people. Get an agency who knows how to do it for you and it will cost you three figures. It is a way to get noticed. But wait. Reality Check. Have you got 50-100 review copies to send out if it's actually a success and you are asked for them? And wait. Reality Check. Do you realise that the press release will only have the shelf-life of a green banana? New loads soon bury the reviewers.

Send out emails? Need we say it. Reality Check. You need to send out thousands. You need to buy appropriate email addresses. You need the right software and the right leads, or you need a company to do it for you - and that costs. And, Reality Check. How many people will read those emails? Do you? How many of the few that read them will follow it up? How many of those who follow it up will buy a copy? Reality Check. Knock off factors of percentages at every level.

Local radio can be great for a launch or a boost. But wait. Reality Check. Does your book have local interest? That's your best chance of gaining their interest. If not, maybe being a local author with some kind of special interest slant will work. Would that work for you? If so, go for it. But remember. Reality Check. That's only your local area and the publicity raised by the broadcast has the shelf-life of a yellow banana.

How about Twitter? Well, hey! Reality Check. If a press release has the shelf-life of a green banana, a tweet has the shelf-life of a black-spotted banana. Now you see it, now you don't. Keep on tweeting? Yeah, right, you can give that a go. But do you have at least 10,000 followers? Once again it's the percentage game. Even if you do have masses of followers, you'll need to keep on tweeting about it. But wait! Reality Check. You can't just post self-serving tweets. You need to regularly post interesting tweets that don't even mention your book. Every day! Are you up for that?

Facebook? That's really for those who already know you, right? Reality Check. How else do they find your page? Is that the limit of your target market?

Book reviews? The main newspapers are only interested in books sent from big publishers, and many are not even interested in that unless they are hardback and new. (They do live in a past age.) Yes, good reviews help to sell. As do good reader reviews on Amazon. And that's where you reviews will mainly be read, right? But wait. Reality Check. How do they find your book on Amazon again? (30,000,000:1 odds against, remember!)

Author Website? What a great idea! You definitely need one of those to tell people about your book in some depth. But wait! Reality Check. How do you think strangers are going to discover your website? Via Twitter? Via Facebook? We've been there already!

So is there any hope? Is it just too pessimistic to imagine you can actually sell your book online? Is there a way to promote your book in a manner offering a decent shelf-life? Can you get anyone to give credence to your work if they've never heard your name as an author? Reality Check. There is! Read on to discover how Synergise can offer you all that.

How Synergise can help you to Sell

We put your book alongside bestsellers

We put your book alongside bestsellers such as 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn and 'Revival' by Stephen King. How does that thought grab you? Reality Check. We won't go so far as to say this gives you reflected glory, but we are sure it gives your title credence - by inference and association. There are so many authors out there that even avid readers don't expect to have heard of them all: so it won't matter if your name is not recognised.

We ensure your book is seen

Reality Check. Your book may be LOST in the Amazon jungle, but it will be FOUND on Synergise. Why? Because we promise to never display more than a few hundred titles.

We often display only a hundred or so titles

Those are seen by some half-a-million visitors every year. People will see your title on bookshelves across our site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Whether they buy is up to you: your title, your cover, and what you put in the 'sell text' controls that! The panel to the left shows the current display range.

Titles are displayed across all our article pages

We display the bookshelf across practically every page of the site. We re-stack the bookshelf randomly each time someone visits a page to ensure your title can appear on any of those pages. We force their hand to buy right then by the warning at shelf level that your title may not be shown there next time they visit the page.

Reality Check. It is only by measures such as these that we can ensure people see your book. Your title might be just one of over 30 MILLION books on Amazon, but it's only one of around a few hundred at most on Synergise.

Up to FOUR sales and link buttons

We offer up to four buttons next to your book take visitors to sales or other relevant online pages. So you can give them multiple options from which to buy!

A truly cost-effective solution

Reality Check! We KNOW what we offer is unique. Where else can you promote your book for so little and ensure your title will be regularly seen? See our rates in the left-hand panel.

We suggest you bookmark this page to make sure you can get back here in the future - after you've thought about it and realised what a great deal this is! By all means take your time - but don't lose out.

But why promote books on a travel website?

Advertisements work in newspapers because people are already there: reading. But it's not because the're reading to find advertisements, and that's why ads need to catch the eye. And your book cover will do that, right? It was designed to do that, wasn't it? You won't sell unless it does. The books which sell in airport and rail station bookshops catch the eye of people planning to have time on their hands. Similarly, when people visit our site, they are planning a vacation. And guess what. They usually want a book to read on that vacation, which is why we offer them the online equivalent of a departure lounge bookshop. So your cover will grab them, right? Enough for them to read the sell text? We are after spontaneous sales here, so those words must do the selling.

Our bookshelf tells them all they need to know

Each book on the shelf shows a good sized cover image, title, author, and a 'sell text'. Aim for around 250 characters.

You can choose what you put in the sell text. Because there are up to four buttons you can use for links we recommend that some open Amazon sales pages: such as for the United States and for the United Kingdom. We can also link to your website, publisher's sales page, an online review, or somewhere else that's relevant. It's up to you what you use the link buttons for, so long as there is at least one sales link. Bear in mind our site is viewed by people from all over the world, especially in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

See how the books change...

Check out an example bookshelf at the bottom of this page. It features four books that are selected at random each time the page is freshly displayed. (Holding the SHIFT key while clicking the 'Reload' button on most browsers forces a fresh display, but whether this works depends on your browser and the set preferences. It may result in the same display from cache. If that happens, note that changing pages will always change the display.)

Submit your book

The process of submitting your book is simple. You make payment, send us the requisite information via a form quoting your payment Transaction Id, and we then put your book on the shelf — normally within a week. And it is truly cost-effective: only GBP39 for the first year, with optional renewal at only GBP20 for a further year. We offer the following payment options:

Solution Graphics

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Here's what one of our regular author promoters said after claiming his renewal discount...

Thank you very much for the prompt response and for the discount that you provided. Again, I was very impressed by how quickly you get things done.

David Snowdon

Example Bookshelf

The following 'General Bookshelf' appears on most travel pages - with a different selection of books each time the page is visited. It always contains a bestseller.

Deception Point
Dan Brown
Exiled author, Craig Mellow returns to Zimbabwe when he is given a spying mission for the World Bank. Accompanied by photographer, Sally-Anne Jay, he stumbles upon an ivory-poaching operation which masks the treacherous plot to sell the country he once fought for into slavery.

book cover image

A Writer's World: Travels 1950-2000
Jan Morris
Some of the author's finest articles are brought together here. Age might now restrict her travels, but her memories of travel are a delight. Her wonderful descriptions evoke the spirit of so many places. For example, Delhi is: the capital of the losing streak, the metropolis of the crossed wire, the missing appointment, the puncture, the wrong number.

book cover image

The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd
Ian Kingsley

A killer to unmask, a feisty young television reporter, and a high-risk strategy. These are the ingredients of a mystery thriller with the character depth of contemporary fiction.
"Exceptionally entertaining." -BookViral.
"A powerful compelling read that's hard to put down." -Midwest Book Review.

book cover image

Ian Kingsley
A gripping psychological thriller with characters that reach out and grab you. Sandman touches our primary emotions: jealousy, love, fear, hatred, and grief. The dialogue is authentic, and, along with the scene-painting narrative, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach witnessing the unfolding action.

book cover image

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