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Please note Synergise are not interested in working as an affiliate or with providers of CPM and CTR advertising programs and will not respond to enquiries of this nature. We specialize in cost-effective, per-annum flat rates for individual clients - and in being flexible within these constraints.

Synergise offer advertisers a flexible and innovative range of options. Our aim is to restrict advertising to travel content which complements the page on which an advertisement is placed and thereby enhances the visitor's experience in gaining travel knowledge and their ability to visit the places mentioned. This restriction means the chance of our visitors reading your ad and acting upon its content is greatly increased since no advertising is irrelevant. We turn down advertising which does not meet these requirements.

Sponsor your own Travel Notes

If you want a brand new page on our site for a year+ (ie an 'advertorial'), then Travel Notes are your answer. These are shorter than our normal travel articles, are not usually illustrated. They will be linked from the Travel Notes index page (which is itself linked from the home page). You provide us with the article text and we publish them in our format — provided the article is informative and beneficial to our readers.

To increase the profile of suitable articles, we also allow up to a maximum of 10 links to selected Travel Notes from the right-hand 'TRAVEL NOTES' box on our home page. These links are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The opportunity to amend your Travel Note after publication also exists, but at additional cost. Please enquire if these options are of importance to you.

Free Charity Advertisements!

FREE banner advertising is offered to approved charities subject to space availability. Please contact us to submit your site and banner for consideration. We reserve the right to select or change to location and to control the run time.

Book Advertising

We offer publishers advertising travel books a high-profile location on our travel pages.

We also promote novels and travel books on of Departure Lounge Bookshop across all our travel pages.

We believe the above to be unique services that encourage potential travellers to purchase a book to take with them on vacation.

Please contact us...

Please contact us for more information and our rate card. There is no obligation and we will not put you on a mailing list or pester you as a result. Feel free to tell us your needs or budget constraints if you would like us to recommend a package for you.

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Payment is strictly prior to publication — but our Terms and Conditions give you the assurance of a refund within 7 days if you are not satisfied. You can pay by electronic transfer, PayPal  or any of the following credit/debit cards:

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