Having Logon Problems with P4?

No username and/or password?

You can only logon to the site as a licensed user. After paying you are given a personal username and password, and you must enter these into the Logon area of the P4 home page in order to gain entry to the site.

If you have lost your username and/or password you will need to contact us in order for us to give them to you. Please follow the instructions given below because you will also need to provide evidence of your purchase. In these circumstances we will previously request payment of a £5 administration fee before we issue your logon details.

Wrong Logon page for your product?

You are trying to logon to P4-FULL! If you have bought P4-LITE then you need to logon from: synergise.com/p4LITE

Have you paid but done something wrong?

You were warned there was a time limit in which to perform purchase and registration. If you did not complete registration, or you have not got a copy of your username and password, then you need to register via email.

Please forward a copy of your PayPal receipt for your P4 purchase, including the following information within that email:

  1. The reason for your manual registration

  2. The First and Last Name of the intended user. (This will affect the username you will be given.)

Please forward this email to and use the email Title: 'P4 Manual Registration Request'.

We're sorry for the inevitable delay manual registration will introduce. This will probably only be a few days but it might take up to a week in the event of staff vacation.

Trying to change your username or password?

Sorry, but that's just not possible. You must stick with those given by our automic system.