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To be an outstanding manager you need outstanding insight into the people you work with. Learn how 'P4' gets them all on your side: subordinates, peers AND superiors! In effect, you can even manage your boss!

If you want to get on in your chosen career — WHATEVER IT IS — you need to get to grips with an important fact 95% of other managers do not even consider: something, that if they knew it, would put them on the fast-track not only to a more successful career but also to a happier and more rewarding lifestyle. To a few lucky high-flyers this principle is an inherent part of their nature. Others need to learn it and apply it until it becomes second-nature. Read on to discover how you could acquire a new management skill that will boost you into the top 5% of achievers.

LEARN 'P4' principles, outlined here, and there will be no holding YOU back!

We're not talking about an expensive course or something you could 'one day' achieve; we're talking about something you can quickly teach yourself and apply immediately. P4 is a powerful technique anyone can use after reading the tutorial, thanks to the powerful and intuitive browser-based tool that makes it fast, easy and entertaining! You could learn this technique in just a few hours at your desk and in your own time — or maybe in a couple of evenings in the comfort and quiet of your own home. You could then be applying it — and seeing the improvement in your management style — within days. Some will want to keep quiet about P4 and just let in transparently enhance their own career. Others will want to apply it widely within their organisation to reap its fullest benefits. Which way will you go? Whichever, you need to prove it for yourself first. The price of a single user license has been kept really low so you can purchase it directly right now and 'do the business' without worrying about approvals, purchase orders, etc. You're a manager: so just DO IT: manage! (Don't let someone else decide whether you have a great future or not!)

P4 can help you whatever you do — assuming you deal with people!

  • If you sell, P4 will allow you to increase your sales.

  • If you deal with customers or clients, P4 will enable you to make them feel you are perfectly attuned to their wishes and desires and they will be more than happy to do business with you, long-term.

  • If you manage a team, P4 — from Synergise — will enable you to make it much more cohesive, improve communications, and make everyone feel happier and more significant with respect to their contribution: synergy that will show in the increased productivity and improved quality of your end product or service.

  • If you are in a high-power business environment, P4 will show you how to make your mark with superiors in a concise and impressive way. Understand the techniques of P4 and you will never want to ignore the advantages it offers you in your future career.

How can all this be achieved? Everyone knows that personality type affects relationships, right? Yet do you take this into account when talking to your boss? Do you give it a moment's consideration when dealing with subordinates or clients? Even if you do consider it, do you know HOW to make this knowledge work for you? 95% of managers go wrong because they just assume everyone else sees things the same way they do. P4 will show you this is a very dangerous assumption that will lead you to get it WRONG with the MAJORITY of people!

Just imagine you had the power to read other people's minds. Wouldn't that be a great help in getting over communication difficulties with staff? Wouldn't that slice through any doubt when dealing with your superiors or clients? Imagine being able to impress them every time you met. How do you think that would impact on your career path? Well, P4 gives you the means of getting into other people's heads to the degree you can see where they're coming from, what they really want, what they need to hear from you, why their point-of-view is different to what you otherwise might have thought. So instead of automatically expecting them to see things your way, you instead see things their way and relate to that. P4 helps put you in the position of a mind reader — and gives you an unparalleled advantage! This is NOT a technique designed to manipulate or control people: it is a way to attune with people and empower them. It never misleads or misrepresents, and it can be comfortably used by those with the highest principles and integrity.

Learn all you need to know from an easy-to-understand tutorial — then benefit from the knowledge it brings and the supporting browser-based tool... for the rest of your career!

P4 gives you the means of putting over your point-of-view in ways others can best understand and empathize with. Get 100% belief and trust from your immediate manager by applying P4 principles and and you can, in effect, also manage your boss! Deal with your staff in a manner which they truly empathize with and you win their trust, friendship, loyalty, co-operation and enthusiasm. Can that do anything but improve efficiency and productivity? Can you manage all this right now? If not, isn't it worth the investment of a few hours to learn how to achieve all this? Or, putting it another way, can you afford NOT to investigate these claims about a method — and a powerful NEW TOOL — that could potentially turbo-charge your career?

Would you like to remove the psychological barriers that separate your dealings with peers, subordinates and superiors? Imagine feeling equally at easy with everyone in the workplace. Apply the principles of P4 and it's easy. Just imagine what a boost this could give your career!

Yes, peers, subordinates, superiors — it makes little difference: P4 techniques work on them all. You'll have them eating out your hand — without creeping or compromise — just through straight talking. With P4 you will learn:

  • The critical factor 95% of managers fail to appreciate about managing people — and how, by taking it into account, your communications skills and influence will take a quantum-leap

  • How to understand the root cause of why some people don't seem to want to co-operate — and how to win them over

  • How to understand why different people see the same thing in different ways — how to predict it, cope with it, and use the knowledge to your advantage

  • How to impress clients with your product or services and get them coming back for more — through you

  • How to impress your boss and other superiors with your efficiency, grip and understanding of needs and requirements

  • How to empathize with your team right across their different skills and temperaments

  • How to communicate more effectively

  • How to empower your team members to achieve more

  • How to reduce stress — for you, and those who work for you

  • How to build and improve customer/client relations

  • How to super-charge your sales ability and achieve much more — in less time

  • How to improve your returns from advertising.

Imagine having a browser-based tool (online/offline) that helps you deal with people better? An impossible dream? Not so. P4 does just that!

The P4 tool is intuitive to operate and easy to use. It teaches, supports and goes on helping you to:

  • Make best use of your team's skills

  • Plot a chart to reveal potential areas of conflict — so you can avoid or defuse it

  • Plot a chart of your team members — as a reminder of how to handle them

  • Plot a chart of your management chain — as a reminder of what to expect

  • Plot a chart of your customers/clients — as a reminder of how to keep them happy

  • Use the best individual for the task

  • Use the best person to interface with important customers/clients — according to their nature

  • Plot the dynamic strength and balance of your team — to reveal its weaknesses and strengths, and to optimize it

  • Pick ideal newcomers for your team — through simple but revealing questions

  • Strengthen your team each time someone new joins.

You know what you don't like. So here's what P4 is NOT!

OK, there are clearly some things you would NOT like to buy into, so here's what P4 is NOT about. It does NOT require you to give regular staff pep-talks, fly the company flag, repeat mantras, get them all worked up, keep setting them unnecessary targets — or to flatter, cajole, crawl or compromise your normal ways of doing things. This is not a hard-sell technique that requires you to get all psyched-up. It is something you will soon learn to do subconsciously.

So, in a nutshell, what IS the secret of the P4 method?

P4 IS a bit of a secret — except to those who buy-in — but I can tell you it guides you into a more holistic style of management. It employs psychological insight that empowers you to communicate your requirements in the best possible way to your team, having taken into account due consideration of them as individuals. Sometimes it gives you such insight you get the buzz you're almost reading people's minds. That's why the application of P4 is a pleasure to apply and why it makes the workplace a happier place. You could not only be a part of that, you could be the prime mover of that. And yes, that is NOT at the expense of productivity. P4 is the yeast that works through you to your team to make it a better and more efficient working unit. That's synergy. And synergy has always been what 'SYNERGISE' is all about. You will ENJOY using P4 because it gives you such rewarding insights into your fellow human-beings. It will also give you a great buzz when you realise you are virtually mind-reading your colleagues and predicting their actions! Do you want that buzz?

P4 for Personal Users — just as useful at home as in the office!

The above explains how you can benefit from P4 at work. But even if you are not yet a manager — and P4 will surely help you to become one — then P4 is also extremely useful out of the work place. Use P4 techniques to better understand your life-partner, family, friends and neighbours. With the deeper understanding of their psychological makeup that P4 will bring, you can forge closer relationships and better understand people's different priorities and motives. In fact, it can change your entire life through improvement to your interpersonal skills and understanding. Separate tutorial lessons are devoted to business and personal users. But, hey, aren't you both? Double-benefits, then!

Now it's Decision Time!

Management is often about deciding the level of risk and weighing that against the potential gain. That's why you must do that now. Weigh the claims. But are you wondering if this product too cheap to be any good?

Synergise believe that anyone who becomes familiar with the P4 method will see the potential benefits of all managers applying its principles. (Don't forget, you, as a recipient, would also benefit!) Apply the system and tool more widely and the workplace becomes happier, more open, more efficient and more friendly. Our suggestion is that you buy your own user license first and trial the system. Then, if you want to apply it more widely to others in your organisation, you can buy further user licenses at discount.

P4 has been competitively priced so any individual can buy it without concern of financial risk — so he or she is able to benefit straight away through direct, personal purchase. But that does not mean anyone in your organisation will buy it or read and employ the tutorials. The way to ensure your company can benefit is to organise a training course which puts the time and focus on these exciting principles. Synergise do not offer courses, but we do offer to help you organise your own and license you to use our P4 mapping tool. Please contact us if this is of interest.

If you're a manager you're used to making big decisions. So now make a small one.
You know the facts and potential advantages of P4. Do you want to buy-in now?



If you are a decisive manager and want to quickly gain a skill that will empower you to become an outstanding manager, don't delay further.

Buy a single user license and you will be up-and-running within 5 minutes and applying the P4 principles within a day or two! It won't just be you who will notice the difference after that!

Click here and remember to buy P4-FULL. You need the works!


OK, so you're not ready to buy and do not wish to email for more information. But, as a manager, surely you do plan for contingencies? Like changing your mind, maybe?

Before you leave this page, please just consider this. If you click on to somewhere else without doing anything about this, what are the chances you might later be kicking yourself when you realize you passed up a golden opportunity to learn management secrets that could have boosted your career and given you a new life-skill?

To ensure against this scenario — it's just too easy to 'click-and-regret' — save this page NOW as one of your browser 'favorites'. At least you'll then be able to get back here when you've had a chance to think a little more about it!

Or just remember you can find P4 again by googling "p4 personality mapping".


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"P4 is an exciting and innovative method of assessing personality types through a unique character mapping diagram. This excellent resource and tool can be used to understand the many and varied behaviour traits that make up our human race. In support, the Tutor provides a set of user-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorials with quick reference links that allow easy access between each lesson. This approach to character evaluation, sometimes using well-known, world stage figures as examples, is both enlightening and fun, leaving students eager to put P4 methods into practice.

"P4 can provide a quick and helpful technique for business managers to assess their work force, promote team building and bonding, or sort out personality difficulties within their work place.It is also ideal for understanding partners, family and friends.

" For whatever reason P4, once studied, will remain permanently imprinted on the user’s mind as a useful and fascinating concept."

Maureen Wright, Welling, UK.