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Copyright pictures...

couple using laptop

Edyta Pawowska

girl leaning on pile of books

Ana Blazic

woman with wine and laptop

Heiko Bennewitz

two men with girl at laptop

Marcin Balcerzak

senior couple with computer

Steve Luker

girl at home on laptop with man in background

Lise Gagne

woman writing in front of blind

Wladyslaw Trojanowski

training group at table

Marcin Balcerzak

bearded man reading a book

Jasmin Awad

smiling woman in front of couple in background

Jacob Wackerhausen

girl with pen writing and pondering

Claudia Dewald

worried man at laptop

Steve Luker

girl reading on bench

Valentin Casarsa pictures...

Couple embracing


Couple in T-shirts with hearts

Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

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