Explanatory Note

Although Synergise intend to make P4 available online for the forseeable future, unexpected things do happen and, as a result, website cease. That is why Synergise are pragmatic and only guarantee P4 will be available for at least a year from the date of advertising the product on external websites (ie not on Hence, the Official Terms and Conditions under which you buy and use this product, as shown below. No one can guarantee an online product will always be available and we want to offer you P4 for its life, not on a subscription basis.

In the event of you discovering a fault or error with P4-LITE then please contact Synergise explaining the problem and we will make every effort to correct the problem as soon as possible.


The FULL version of P4 has been online since 2007 and it is the intention of Synergise to keep all versions of P4 live on the web for the foreseeable future.

Your purchase entitles you to use P4 for as long as it is available online, guaranteed to be at least one year after your immediate response to P4 advertising external to this site. Extensive tutorial material is available and no individual support is offered. No refunds are offered unless there is an operational fault with the product which cannot be corrected.

27th September 2013