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We trust you won't experience any technical problems with this site. But if you do, we want to help. Here are solutions to potential difficulties - all of which result from problems beyond our control!

No dropdown menu beneath banner ad on Synergise Home Page

You must have JavaScript enabled for much of the functionality of this website to work correctly.

If the Home Page dropdown menu is not visible this is a sure sign JavaScipt has not been enabled. Check the setting in your browser's settings and ensure JavaScript is enabled. JavaScript is important to most modern websites and does not pose any security threat.

Forms not working?

We are aware that the security settings on certain browsers and firewalls may prevent our forms from operating correctly. If you get a warning that 'this script is not accessible from the requested domain' this is probably the cause. (For example, you need to turn the Norton Internet Security Privacy Control off when submitting a form.) In case of difficulty please feel free to email us directly. See the Site Information panel on the Home Page for the address. (It is regularly changed because of spam.)

Email rejected - or not answered?

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Broken link?

Websites come and go, so some of our external links may become dead from time to time. None of our internal links should ever be dead. Please tell us about any broken links so we can do something about it. Be aware, however, that it is not uncommon for sites to briefly go offline during maintenance periods. We suggest you try external links again after a few hours before notifying us about a failure of this kind. We peridically check our links using

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