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PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT articles featuring the following locations which are already adequately covered by existing articles or articles already planned:



Articles should be around 1,000-2,000 words and MUST contain pictures that relate to the article. We like to publish a picture of the author as well.

Before you send anything, please refer to our Terms of Acceptance and Copyright and the requirement specified on the Contributors page.

What to include

Our brand of travel writing is not the same as magazine travel writing that concentrates on things like naming the best restaurant, bar or hotel, or of telling you the price of a cup of coffee, a beer or cab fare. We need something that is more enduring. We are looking for travelogues that give personal impressions of a place and its people, travel guides that tell tourists what is worth visiting at a particular destination, or accounts of adventure or themed holidays... plus information on what websites can help them find out more about the places you describe. The aim is always to help readers judge whether they would like to pay your destination a visit.

Strive to achieve a sensible balance between useful information and timelessness! (For example, see the following article about Seville.) Do not to be too specific with your information where this may become out-of-date. (The family run hotel or bar that was so great in 2006 may be completely different today!)

If your article is about a safari or cooking vacation, for example, it would be a good idea to include a link to a web site that can provide further details so others can follow your example - or perhaps of a great web site that provides more information about the region you visited. Don't include these links within the article, put them instead under the separate heading of 'COMPLEMENTARY WEBSITES' (see template below). We will decide how or whether to include them.

Show hyperlinks in the following format: "see 'London Tourist Information []', mentioned in Para 5."

You are encouraged to include references to specific buildings of interest such as churches, monasteries, chapels, gardens, theme parks, famous and well established hotels of note, but do not include references to less enduring commercial establishments or details of things that will change: such as actual admission fees. The aim is for your article to endure the passage of time as well as possible without becoming inaccurate.

What NOT to include

Do NOT include:

  • Information that will become out-of-date

  • In-text links (if you see them they are because we decided to add them)

  • Articles slanted towards advertising; use your free ad for this and keep the article independent of your business or website or it will not be accepted - these are NOT advertorials

  • Anything that might be judged to include: profanity, hate, violence, racial or religious intolerance, reference to illicit drugs or their association, pornography, adult or mature information, explicit sexual references, or anything promoting illegal activities or infringes the legal rights of others

  • The use of inappropriate words inserted as keywords to falsely deceive search engines to improve the rankings of your page

  • References to specific hotels, bars and other similar establishments that may change entirely from one year to the next.

Also, please do not feature locations listed on the EXCLUDE LIST shown in the left-hand panel of this page.

Picture Requirements

All articles should ideally include relevant photographs. They should preferably be 72-75 dpi in jpg format, but we accept most other formats and higher resolutions. Our preferred final size is just slightly larger than 450 x 300 pixels, allowing us to crop it to this size and remove any unwanted border edging or perhaps rotate slightly if the picture is askew (eg 460 x 310 would be ideal). We require this size in order to include one of your pictures in our gallery display — which pulls in readers from your picture alone! The large size is used for our 'click-enlarge' facility and we create thumbnail pictures for the article from this.

We invite you to include up to a maximum of 5 photographs within the body of your email so they are seen as soon as we open it; we may not publish all of these. (It is better to reduce the size of a large picture to the above indicated maximum dimension - say with PaintShopPro - than to reduce file size by compression techniques which might affect picture quality. Don't worry if you don't have the means to reduce a picture or cannot understand this.) If you have other suitable pictures it might be worth mentioning in case we consider ones you sent unsuitable. We may or may not use your pictures, depending upon their quality and suitability, so ensure the text makes sense without the pictures!

Do remember you must have taken the pictures yourself to ensure you own their copyright, or you should have the written permission of the copyright owner to use them on this website and tell us which pictures are involved.

If you do not have the facilities for converting your conventional photographs to digital format for attachment to your submission email, why not approach your local photographic dealer or film processing shop? They, or a PC-wiz friend, may be able to scan the prints into a digital format for you. If you ask, you can normally order a CD of your images when putting in a conventional film for processing and that will produce them in a suitable digital format for email attachment.

Include Picture Markers in the Article Text

[mypicture1.jpg - this is an example of how to mark a picture within a paragraph with its caption] Include picture markers within square brackets at the start of the paragraph to which they best relate, together with the picture filename and a proposed caption — as shown at the start of this paragraph. (If you use any iStockphotos in your article — see panel below — then show the iStockphoto page URL in your Picture Marker.) We need this information to know what the picture is and to which portion of the text it relates; you may know but we might not!

Ideas for Travelogues

We are looking for articles that major on travel information but which include your personal impressions and experience of the places you visit. So try to creatively weave in a little of this to make your article come alive. Check out existing Travellers' Tales articles to get the general idea.

Be aware of what has already been published. We are likely to consider new destinations on a much higher priority than repeated ones. If you can cover a major city, important tourist destination, unusual or exotic location, so much the better - and all the more interesting for our readers.

Here are a few ideas to get your mind working on how you might complement the basic travel information and add a personal touch (without any lengthy diversion):

  • Enlightening conversations with locals or regular visitors

  • Humorous things that went wrong

  • Beautiful places not to be missed - and the impression they made on you - preferably illustrated

  • Great trips you would recommend

  • Adventure holidays: the ups and the downs (eg mountain trekking)

  • Themed holidays: your failures and successes (eg cooking in France)

  • Nightmare experiences: with some good bits as well, please

  • Holiday romances (Keep it short - and clean!)

  • Amusing incidents

  • Unusual and exotic destinations

  • The drama of Nature experienced first-hand

  • Misunderstandings and repercussions

  • Cultural contrasts

  • Disastrous companions (real, but with fictional names, please!)

Ideas for Other Articles

Important or interesting cities, popular tourist destinations and new places to discover are what we are looking for. But don't submit a place already covered!

Winning Tips

Read articles which won previous Synergise FreeStyle competitions for an example of the quality we are seeking.

The following aspects might just tip the scales towards the acceptance of your article for publication (as opposed to losing you critical MERIT points):

  • The text meets the brief, is well written and maintains its viewpoint (eg 1st- or 3rd-person); if your article is a travelogue then it should be in 1st-person

  • Existing layouts have been considered to minimize the need for editing; when we copy it from your email or attached text file, it should not prove necessary to reformat to remove unwanted line breaks or email formatting chevrons (paste article text from text editor into body of email or attach it as an 'rtf' file to an email that contains everything else)

  • NEVER use manual line breaks, mid-paragraph; they all have to be removed to get back to 'joined-up writing'!

  • If you are given the opportunity to check a Draft version of your article, it is not professional to use this as an opportunity to hone the writing: you should have done that before the original submission

  • Interesting, clear and relevant pictures have been included and are easy to see and access

  • Added interest is introduced by the inclusion of a colourful character

  • One or two travel destination websites have been suggested as suitable complements to the article

  • Any companions mentioned are labelled rather than included in a mysterious 'we'.

  • The ideal article will have inherent authority about it — as if written by a travel professional!

FreeStyle Submission Template Layout

Submit as many articles as you like via separate emails. Your article may be rejected without consideration if you do not use the template - or you may be asked ro resubmit it in the template format.

More than one article accepted gives you an Author Page - with the opportunity to promote yourself as a Feature Writer - if you contribute more than one Feature. Your article text may be within the body of the email or in an attached file saves in the '.rft' format from a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

If you paste the article within the body of an email from another source, please ensure this is free of formatting that prevents it being copied and pasted again without problems. (To test this, highlight it and then paste it into a simple text editor. IF there are line returns or interspersed characters within the middle of your paragraphs it is not acceptable. For example, if the text is copied from an earlier email it may contain unwanted '> >' symbols at the start of lines, all of which would have to be edited-out manually.)

Please ensure the attached article only contains the article text. Because it is time-consuming to access and download text attachments, please do not duplicate any of your pictures within the article attachment (they should be in the body of the parent email); ensure all the rest of the template material is within the body of the email for easy reference. Thank you!


SUBJECT: Article Submission: <Title of Article>
<up to 5 picture files, preferably including head-and-shoulders of self - and the rtf file, if this is your chosen format for body text, else include the article within the body text>

Please copy-and-paste the following layout into your submission email OR attached Microsoft Word rtf file and then edit it bearing in mind that:

  • Text shown between <angled brackets> below indicates where you should insert your own information.

  • Blue information below indicates where you should copy the indicated text into your submission text to confirm your understanding and agreement.


<Insert the suggested title of your article - but we may change it. Also include this title within the title of your email.>

<Enter your true name : age : sex - for Synergise reference purposes>

<Enter your occupation - so Synergise get to know you better>

<Insert your name (or pseudonym) as you wish it to appear in the publication.>


<Enter ONE of the following options regarding originality:>

This is an original article and has not been previously published in any form or medium. I will not publish this article elsewhere without the prior agreement of Synergise.

This article has already been published elsewhere but I own full copyright at the time of submission and wish to retain full copyright.
<Insert details of previous publication(s) of the article here.>

I understand that no payment is made for my submissions.

<Enter a long-term, reliable email address; receiving any payment due might depend on this! It's even better if you can ALSO give us an alternative email address for use in emergency. This information will not be disclosed.>

<Enter your full postal address. This is not for publication but is needed if we have trouble contacting you via your email address. It also helps to know what country you live in.>

<Insert CONTINENT > Country > 1st-place, 2nd-place, etc>

<Insert the number of words. (Temporarily pasting the body text into Microsoft Word allows you very simply get a precise count.)>

<Indicate: "No personal picture" or, PREFERABLY, "Author picture supplied". We like to add the personal touch by showing who the author is and most authors are happy with this - but this is your option.>

<Suggest one or more websites that provide good tourist information about the same destination as your article or which complement the subject matter of your article. This is not essential but it is a great help. Only include sites that have extensive English text coverage. DO NOT include links within the text itself.>

I confirm that at the time of submission I own the entire text of this article or have sufficient rights and authority to grant Synergise unconditional use of the article.

I confirm this article does not violate the copyright of anyone or contravene any non-disclosure or other agreement signed and does not contain information I know to be libelous, misleading, incorrect or in violation of any laws, regulations or rights. I agree to hold harmless Synergise from any claims or disputes regarding the content of this article whosoever shall hold the copyright. I agree that the limit of liability of Synergise shall be the removal of this article from the Synergise website and that they cannot be held responsible for its continued presence in this or amended form on any other website.

I understand that if Synergise find it necessary to perform significant editing in order for this article to reach an acceptable publication standard then the new work may become the copyright of Synergise if they so decide although I will remain as the published author.

I own full copyright of my pictures submitted now or later for use with this article except as detailed below. I authorize Synergise to use my pictures on their web pages in any locations or manner they wish providing they are not for resale. If any of my pictures show an individual clearly enough for them to be identified then I confirm that I have that person's permission to publish their photograph and take full responsibility for same.


The following pictures are copyrighted by the indicated person or persons and I have written permission for Synergise to use them indefinitely on their website without charge and can provide this evidence if requested:

<Provide a detailed list>

<List the most important of your recent publications - excluding Synergise - or simply enter 'NONE'>

MY BOOK TO BE ADVERTISED (authors only):
<Leave this section out if not appropriate, or provide link details to an online sales page selling a single book that is by you as author or joint author.>

<Leave this section out if not appropriate, or provide a draft of your text advertisement.>

<Insert how you found our website (eg, Writers' News Ad | search engine | Google Ad>

<Include the body article text. Any picture markers should be in the format: [FIG # : name_of_picture_file.jpg : Caption of picture]. Do not make specific reference to your pictures from the published text; it should be possible to read the text as if it were a text-only version. (If your article is syndicated, that is what it is likely to be.)>

<Insert your pictures directly into the body of your email in the same order as shown within the body text by your Picture Markers. (If the text is also within the body of the email then insert the pictures after this text.) The maximum is 5 - but we may use less. We prefer you to include a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself as your final picture. Feature Articles MUST contain pictures.>

Article Submission Procedure

For general queries please use the General Contact Form or our 'Normal Email Address' given in the 'Site Information' panel of our Home Page.

No communications can be undertaken regarding submissions other than by email to the correct address.

Paste the above template text into the body of your email or attached Microsoft Word (rtf-saved) document, then write or paste your article into the appropriate section of the template. Then complete the rest of the template end email your submission to the address given below (noting that a single 'underscore' rather than a 'hyphen' character is used after the name 'synergise'). The email title must be in the form: Article Submission:' followed by your article title (eg 'Article Submission: Dancing in Denver').

Article Submission Address. Please ONLY USE the dedicated email address given to the right for article submissions. These may include up to 5 pictures and should preferably include a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself.

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