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The Travel Awards as they are Displayed on Sites

INSITE awards are for the quality of the site as it appears - they are not based upon any deeper research into the services they may offer.

HOT! sites are ones that you should not miss! They are not connected with the awards scheme, and the icon is used in all categories.

The following INSITE icons are displayed on sites. They represent increasing grades of quality. The upper format is used within this site; the lower format is the award as it is displayed on recipient sites.

Bronze Award Silver Award Gold Award Platinum Award

How the Award Codes are Derived

As you can imagine, the PLATINUM AWARD is extremely difficult to achieve. Any site that gets into these ratings is worth a visit - for quality is assured - but only excellent content, presentation and execution can get a site into the top awards.

Award Code

Within each of these three categories - Content (C), Presentation (P) and Execution (E) - points are awarded to produce an Award Code digit (0 to 9), and these are combined to give the 'Award Code' (CPE). Normally these points are positive, but negative points are also allocated, where indicated, for undesirable features; if the result is a negative score in a particular category, the resulting digit is taken to be zero.

Content (C) Presentation (P) Execution (E)
Points are awarded for each of the following, where good:
richness of features (1-2)
scope (1-2)
depth (1-2)
graphics present (1)
relevance of graphics (1)
subject enhanced by graphics (1)

The following negative features give rise to negative points:
unrelated content (-1)
missing content (-2)
Points are awarded for each of the following, where good:
ease of navigation (1-2)
ease of understanding (1-2)
quality of appearance (1-2)
quality of graphics (1-2)
originality (1)

The following negative features give rise to negative points:
inconsistent presentation (-1)
unnecessary graphics (-1)
inappropriate graphics (-1)
annoying graphics (-1)
broken external links (-1)
broken internal links (-2)
Points are awarded for each of the following, where good:

speed of loading (1-3)

overall execution (1-3)

that certain, subjective, undefinable something which makes a site stand out ... that je ne sais quoi (1-3)

Award Levels

The three digits of the Award Code are added together to produce a score having a maximum of 27 (ie derived from an Award Code of '999'). Providing the individual score in any category is not less than 5, this sets the Award Level for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. A site with over 17 points qualifies as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, according to total score. This is fully detailed in the following table.

Sum of Award Code digits Award Other Constraints
18-20 Bronze Award The score in any individual category (C, P or E) must be over 4.

The Home Page may display the Quality Award if wished.
21-23 Silver Award
24-25 Gold Award
26-27 Platinum Award


A site scores 7 points for content, 8 points for presentation, and 6 points for execution, giving it an Award Code of '786'. Adding these together gives a total of 21, qualifying the site for a Silver Award.

Another site also scores 21 points, but because the Award Code is '489', it cannot qualify for an award because it did not exceed 4 point in the 'Content' category.