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Just by entering keywords, an author, or an ISBN, and clicking the appropriate button, you can get quick booklists - and not just on travel!
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Turbo-Search enables you to search for any books across more than one web bookseller's database simultaneously - on both sides of the Atlantic! (See Using Turbo-Search below further details.)

Using Turbo Book Search

From the one box at the head of this page, Turbo-Search enables you to search our on-line bookseller associates' databases based on keywords in the book title (or enter the complete title if you're sure you know it correctly), author (surname, or first name followed by surname), category, or book identity 'number' (ISBN). Then click the appropriate button!

Remember that different editions of a given work are published in different forms in different countries, and these have different book numbers. So choose the nearest bookseller to your geographic location in order to get the most appropriate edition - and the quickest delivery!

All you have to do is enter your search text and then click the appropriate button. The results appear in a separate auxiliary window.

Because you only have to enter your search text once, Turbo-Search saves you time. Use the Clear button to clear the text in the search field before you change this text.

Just use lower-case throughout - with space separators.

If you don't find the book you want with one of our on-line associates then try the other: it only takes another click within Turbo-Search! Remember that both our on-line associates supply worldwide, and not every book is available on both sides of the Atlantic!

Dedicated Windows

Click in the 'using dedicated windows' check box above to 'tick' it and thereby set the Dedicated Windows mode. When set, this causes dedicated windows to be opened for each associate bookseller. You can then operate buttons for different associates and searching takes place simultaneously! What this means, in practice, is that if you are researching some books with different suppliers (eg pricing information or availability), you can considerably speed up this operation - searching bookseller databases on both sides of the Atlantic at once! This is a bonus if one of them happens to be working slowly: you get returns from the first while the other is working on your query. When this mode is set, the normal auxiliary window used to display external site pages is no longer used by Turbo-Search itself.

Click the check box to remove a tick and return to normal mode - whereby all search results appear in the normal auxiliary window (which saves window-clutter).


If you are very precise in the knowledge of what you need, this will restrict the search and be the fastest - but remember that a small mistake might exclude what you want! Here are some examples.

  • In general, it is best to use only 'keywords' (eg "eyewitness london" is a safer way of finding the Eyewitness Travel Guide to London than entering the whole title: since you might not get the precise wording correct. Click on one of the 'Keywords' buttons to perform this search.

  • If you know the author of a novel that you want is Peter Carey then enter "peter carey"; if you can only remember the surname, enter "carey". Click on one of the 'Keywords' buttons to perform this search. The "peter carey" entry will restrict the search to one author, whereas the "carey" entry will not.

  • If you know the book number for Peter Carey's book Oscar and Lucinda and live in America, enter "0679777504" and then click the 'Number' button; but if you are nearer to the UK branch of, then enter "0571153046" and click this supplier's 'Number' button.