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Hi! My (writing) name is Ian Kingsley and this page is a message aimed at published or self-published authors. I will shortly tell you how I can help to give your book (or event) internet exposure via a tweet on Twitter that can be seen by thousands of my followers - the majority of whom are readers, and many of whom are also fellow authors. But firstly something more about me... so you know who you are dealing with!

I am webmaster of this travel website: Because of my sympathies with the plight of authors, the site includes some special features for them, like promotion of their novels in its Departure Lounge Bookshop for less than £1 per week. This offers exposure via some half-a-million boohshelf impressions over the course of a year in a way that Amazon can never offer you. Why? Because your title is lost on Amazon. On Synergise is is one of only a relatively small number of books which regularly appear on the bookshelf. This displays both a cover picture and a sell paragraph - always alongside a bestseller to help raise its profile by association.

You can see an example of this bookshelf at the foot of this page. The bookshelf appears on all the travel article pages across the site and is the online equivalent of an airport bookshop, inviting spontaneous purchases for vacation reading. It is randomly stacked with books every time a page is displayed, ensuring your book appears right across the hundreds of articles pages. More...

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I am also an author, and you are invited to check-out my author website: This tells you about my recent fiction and non-fiction output. The website doesn't mention a number of books I published a while back under my real name, Ian Kampel, because I now write under' Ian Kingsley'. (I now use a pseudonym because, apparently, no one could spell 'Kampel'!)

My Twitter History

While an author website is becoming essential for all authors these days, I also believe it is important to gain a social media profile, and I have found Twitter to be the most efficient way of reaching large numbers of targetted people: in my case, readers! There is nothing like the opportunity of interacting with your readers and followers on a daily basis, and that is what Twitter offers you. If you don't already work with Twitter I would encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, however, you need a large number of followers to be effective and that does take time... and plod.

I started to use Twitter in January 2011 and I have tweeted on most weekdays since then. As a result I have gradually built up my Twitter following to the number you can see in the app above, beneath my picture. My following had reached over 20,000 followers in January 2013. I have moved on since then.

Gaining significant numbers of followers on Twitter takes a lot of dedication. That means quite a bit of time each day at the outset. I try to make sure I tweet almost every day - several times. If I don't tweet I do expect to lose a few followers because of this! The great thing about having a large number of followers, however, is that if one of those followers likes any of my tweets enough they may 'retweet' it (at the click of their mouse) to maybe tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands more) of their own followers. And there is a good chance of that because I have thousands of authors and writers who follow me. Not to mention a fair few literary agents. So a tweet can go far.

Given the time it takes to build a Twitter following, I have now decided to offer to tweet about other author's books or upcoming events. However, I will only tweet about those which inspire or interest me, and books which appear on Smashwords or Amazon. I charge £20 to stop my writing and website work and publish your tweet. I recommend that I tweet about you between 6-9pm GMT. The reason for this is that this is then seen by people in the UK, Europe and the US. Earlier tweets may miss the lucrative potentional market in the States who would otherwise be asleep to my tweets! However, I can tweet at another time - even in the middle of our night - if you wish! (It is a global village, after all.)

Click here if you want to find out more about how I can tweet for you. If I am happy to tweet for your book or event, I will get back to you with an invoice and an intended date and time to publish. The technical details follows, but that's it, in a nutshell.

Even if you don't want to use this service, if you have already joined Twitter, please become one of my followers and help to increase the target readership for those who do! Authors need to stick together these days! To do that, just go to and then click the Follow button. Thank you!


A few of my followers (August 2012)...

Hour Game
David Baldacci
As a series of brutal murders darkens the Wrightsburg, Virginia countryside, the killer taunts police by leaving watches on the victims set to the hour corresponding with their position on his hit list. He also strives to replicate notorious murders of the past, but improving on them...
book cover image

Molvania: A Land Untouched By Modern Dentistry (Jetlag Travel Guide)
Cilauro, Gleisner & Sitch
The three authors have created a brilliant parody of those travel books that always have a slightly optimistic edge to the copy despite the country they are writing about possibly being a bit of a third-rate dump.
book cover image

Pompeii: A Novel
Robert Harris
Roman engineer Attilius rushes to repair an aqueduct in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, which, in A.D. 79, is getting ready to blow its top. Attilius meets Corelia, the defiant daughter of a vile real estate speculator, and later fights his way back to Pompeii in an attempt to rescue her. The volcanology is well researched and the plot keeps this impressive novel moving along toward its exciting finale.
book cover image

The River
Gary Paulsen
Two years earlier, Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for 54 days with nothing but a small hatchet. Yet he survived. Now the government wants him to do it again so the military can learn the survival techniques. But it all goes wrong again!

book cover image

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